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Unfortunately all was running well, until I plugged in a new Floppy drive & CD Burner. Then nothing. Not even an attempt to boot up. the drives all fire up (the floppy light stays on!!), the processor fan spins & the fan in the PSU but not the fan in the case. the power and HD LEDs do not light up, except the HD light which flashes once then nothing. There are no POST codes, its as if there is power to only half the board, is that feasible?? Everything was fine, had XP running a treat, loaded a few driver updates,etc switched it off Monday night, then Tuesday night - nothing! have tried everything I can think of, removed the new drives, etc all with the same result! Damn thing!! Could 'part' of the PSU be at fault? I'm going to try and lay my hands on a 'spare'PSU & try it out.
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