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8rda+ expert memory setting... memory running sync or not??

please can any one shed any light on this one....running the new 8rda2c31 bios with corsair memory 6-2-2-2 memory timing at 191 fsb and in the bios under expert their is no sync option just auto ,50 precent up to 200 precent and by SPD right now my memory is running by SPD am i handicaping the preformance by running it by SPD ??? IS IT RUNNING SYNCED??? also the memory is 3200 ddr 400 cas 2 can any one suggest good memory timing to get to the 200 fsb that i am shooting for....presently running amd 2400 @12.5x192 fsb...2400 mhz @2.63 vdim sorry for the long post but any input would be greatly appreciated....Thank.
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