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My board has the multiplier 3:4 ratio and the 4:5 ratio selectable in the bios. I think it's a newer one but i've had it for quite a while now, I think you'd have a good chance of getting one of these newer boards if you were to purchase one today.

Also can I ask, why would you buy a 4PEA+ when you already have an Asus P4PE ? These boards are very similar. I don't really see a point in changing.

Sorry to say I can't really help you on this I have a 2.4B B0 processor that doesn't seem to be able to overclock very far. It's summer here so hot days you never know if you will crash. Right now I have it running at 151 FSB or 2.71 GhZ. Vcore at 1.65V, AGP voltage at 1.6V, my ram is running at DDR 402 it's kingmax ddr400 I got the vdimm at 2.7V. I got 2 x 256 sticks I put one in slot1 and the other in slot3 since I remember hearing that these are the fastest slots. I run it at timing 2.5-5-3-3.

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