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Angry Mouse Eating My Brain !!!!!!

OK guys, just got my 8RDA+, I'm very pleased with it, goes nicely with my XP2400 @ 333 .
The only thing that bugs me is the following: I have an USB Logitech Internet Navgator Keyboard, and an PS/2 MS Intellimouse Web. If I stick the keyboard at an USB port and stick the mouse in the PS/2, something odd happens : The mouse works one in two restarts. What I mean is :
1. Mouse works.
2. Restart rig.
3. Mouse doesn't work at all
4. Restart
5. Mouse work.
6. Restart
7. Mouse doesn't work.

And so on. I tworks every time I turn on the comp, but not after a restart. Any ideas ? You know, it's very bad, How do you do without a mouse in Win...

P.S. I fI stick the keyboard in an adapter to PS/2 and on it's own PS/2 it works without any glitches ! Have installed drivers, reinstalled OS... etc
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