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Lightbulb Crash Test & Speed Survey

New project - help wanted

I'm collecting data for a *new* guide to OCing, and need your help. The reward? No money, but fame / notoriety are available!

I want to get "best" settings for each MB / CPU / RAM combination, so we can all start from the middle...

If you've got a stable rig, please PM me with: -

EPoX Mobo model - 8k3ae
AMD CPU model & rating - Palamino 2000
FSB - 140
Multiplier - 12.5
vDIMM - 1.85
vCore - 2.80
RAM clock & type - 333 = PC2700
...and overall CPU clock - 1775

If you want the fame, why not attach a small gif / jpeg?

Thanks to everyone - in advance
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EPoX 8K3AE 512Mb PC2700WD Caviar ATA133 80Gb nVidia GeForce2 AGP4x 64Mb 425W PSU XP Pro Vanilla OEM HS&F Palamino 2000+ @ 140*12.5 = 1.75GHz ...a cool 60 in the shade
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