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IMHO, the downside to CRTs has always been the radiation... ever read the recommended viewing distance in a CRT monitor's manual?? I, like many of my friends sit way to close and huddled over my 19 & 21"monitor...

LCD doesn't share that same problem & health risk... but it is a developing technology... in the mid-80s I owned what I believe was the first commercially available laptop model--NEC Multispeed (4, 8 or 16MHz.. LOL)... Let me tell you, in 16 years LCDs have changed a bunch from that small, monochrome, "front-lit," worhtless piece of screen I had... & I believe they will do nothing but improve as price continues to comes down and performance increases...

Thin CRT may give LCD the competition it needs to rise to the next level--then I will forego my "radiation-blasters" and hopefully make it out without cancer, retinal burn or other permanent CRT damage...

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