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8RDA+ (1) 512 stick or (2) 256 of this ram?

The only item I need is memory for my 8RDA+. I wanted to get some good memory that I may overclock at some point. this site has twinmos/winbond for $59 (256) and $118( (512). I just read that something that Dual DDR does not support two 3200 chips. So, I am confused. Should I just get one 512 stick or 2 256 sticks.

Overall, I waould like a csot effective approach to getting the ram I need ram that will be reliable with some tweaking capabilities. My machine will primariliy be used for day to day stuff, no gaming, but I intend to start creating dvd's with my mini dv camcorder.

I know this questions gets asked 100 times 100 different ways but for some reason I don't see a suggestion that jumps out and says this is the way to go.

I have an AMD XP2100.

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