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The problem with 3D Mark 2001 SE and DX9 is this.
Their are 3 versions of 3D Mark 2001 (Original, SE, and SE Build 3.33)
bradmax57, if you or your friend download the latest build of 3D Mark then it will run with DX9 installed.

DX9's final release works just fine with the Ti 4600's and the 41.09 Detonators. DX9 Beta's had some major issues when you would Alt-Tab to another program (or minimize the DX game to go into the computer). GTA3 doesn't seem to like DX9 to well. But UT2K3 and Unreal2 have no problems (both are DX based games with OpenGL support as well). I play Tribes 2 all the time (War 2003 Mod'd server's If ya want to come play a game of catch the mortar) and It runs just fine with the latest patch from GarageGames (it used to be supported by Sierra). Oni which is an old game from Bungie doesn't seem to like DX9 (it crash's after around 2hrs of play).

I tested 3D Mark 03 on my system last night at the defaults for the 2600+ XP and the 9700 Pro (166Mhz bus, Expert timings of 5,2,2,2,1t and vid at 320/300). It was in the 4600 range for the results. Which gives me my base line.

At the same time last night I saw that the highest anyone had scored was in the 5800 range. That was with a 3.4Ghz P4 and 9700 Pro cranked to 390/650.

The highest AMD based system I saw was a 2.3+Ghz t'bred with a 9700 Pro doing 410/700 or something in that area.

The program seems to be more Vid dependant then cpu... Which is a good thing for AMD based systems.

I like that you can see the vid cards speed (core and mem) when you do a results list. That helps alot, when comparing systems.

I would also like them to build in the ability to list how you had your Direct3D setting for your vid card (cause Performance -vs- Quality probably makes a major difference).
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