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EPoX Tech - Beta BIOS Question

I want to start this thread off by thanking you for providing support via this forum and via the U.S. Amdmbd forum. It is really appreciated!

I spawned this thread as an offshoot of the EP-8K5a3+ BETA BIOS that was issued by you. Would you care to comment on why this particular BETA BIOS and the German EPoX BETA BIOS all appear to flash properly, and are flashed following instructions by either the ALT-F2 or DOS Boot disk methods, and yet fail to work?

It is disturbing to see this happen. I realize that you mean well and are providing these BIOS-es as a service; BUT, it really would be better if EPoX released updated BI-OSes that have been tested on a more frequent occurrence. I came to EPoX from **** motherboards, so I am used to getting good BIOS support. I think the KG7 motherboard had close to 12 BIOS updates during it's lifespan (until now). Is there some reason that EPoX cannot follow suit a bit more closely? Especially for BIOS-es that have other support such as Highpoint RAID cards. Highpoint is already at least 2 revs beyond what is available from EPoX for the HPT374, for example.

As for me, I will not be trying any future BETA level BIOS-es without having a spare PLCC and a BIOS Savior on hand.

Again, thank you for your help! I do not intend for this post to be taken as a flame; rather, it is a cry for help in providing up to date BIOS-es for motherboards that are not perhaps the latest or greatest.
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