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Question Corsair memory compatibility...?


I have the chance to buy either the 8RDA+ or the 8RGA+ - maybe the one with the graphics chip built in offers a better voltage range for overclocking...?

Anyway is there a compatibility issue with these boards and Corsair memory as I find that >>>
Suggests that there is an issue and there are even modified Bios's to use it.

Yet I have read some posts within this forum that it runs ok, is that by default or with any modification...?

I can buy >>>

Corsair 256MB XMS3200 DDR SDRAM
or even
Corsair 256MB XMS3500 DDR SDRAM

Now could I expect an issue with either of those boards and that memory or is there no issue at all....?

If you too had a choice of either board (not bothered about the graphics option) which would you buy...?

Thankyou for any help

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