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I have an 8RDA, have had 8RDA+ and several 8RDA's that were built for friends, if you want to overclock, and the 8RGA+ is available in the UK, get it, and get Twinmos PC3200 with Winbond chips, it works great with this series of boards, and eliminate the chance of getting Corsiar and having problems.
Golf is a good walk spoiled! ( Mark Twain )

Abit NF7-S rev 2.0 Barton 2500 AQZFA0340SPMW 11 x 214
w/SLK900A & 92 mm fan (38 deg C)
2 x WD400JD---Gainward Ti4200 8 X AGP
Twinmos PC3200 w/ Winbond chips 2 X 256
600 watt dual fan psu

Abit NF7-S rev 2.0 XP1700DLT3C 10 x 225
SK7 with 80mm smartfan ( 37 deg C )
Gainward FX5200 128 Mb DDR
2 x 40 Gb Maxtor ATA 133 drives
Buffalo PC3200 2 x 256 CH5 chips
650 watt dual fan power supply

WinXP Pro, SP1, nVidia 3.13 on both
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