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Lightbulb Electron Microscope III v2.3.5 (Update)

What's New:
Fixed core unknown problem
Genome tracking problem
Using Email address as username
Fixed Chime display problem
New EM Calculator Feature
Date/Time stamp added to HTML pages
Title change for Allstats.html page
Fixed the image save routine

When displaying the info in the queue.dat file, the display would show core unknown under certain circumstances. This issue has been fixed.

It seems the sequence of events changed or slowed down and EM was always one frame behind in the display after frame 1 was finished. I fixed this issue so it should now correctly show the number of completed frames.

When using email addresses as usernames, EM would not return the scoring info from Stanford because Stanford removes everything after the '@' symbol to keep web crawling spammers from scraping your name off of the web pages used for displaying work unit scores. EM can now return your score when you use your email address as a user name.

When displaying the protein using the Chime display, Gromacs proteins many times showed strange bonds and improper elements. I have fixed this issue.

If you right-click the protein image and select "Calculate Points," EM will open the calculator program (needs to be in the same folder EM is running in) and will insert the info for that protein into the proper places and calculate the info for you without the need to enter anything. Be sure and download the latest version of EM Calculator.

A Date/Time stamp has been added to the HTML stats pages. This will make it easier to identify exactly when the pages were generated.

The title for the allstats.html page (auto generated) has been changed from the default page name to "All Protein Data" which should make it easier to identify.

When saving a Genome protein image, EM sometimes did not remove all the bad filename characters. This caused some odd filenames to be generated that confused the operating system. This issue should be resolved.

Get the latest version here:
The WeatherMan
Electron Microscope III
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