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Lightbulb Electron Microscope III v2.3.6 (Update)

What's New in Version 2.3.6
Genome Team Selection Recognized
Genome Image save fixes
Genome Score display
Status Icons show info
New EM version alert
Fixed Genome EM Caluclator issue
EM starts when Windows starts option

I have fixed the point display when Genome work units are being done in conjunction with a Genome team number. The point values are different when you are a member of a FAH team doing a Genome work unit rather than a member of a GAH team doing a Genome work unit. EM now detects this configuration and displays the correct number of points you will get which depends on this information in your config file.

It seems that there are some garbage characters that show up in the image save routines when dealing with Genome work unit names. I have made some adjustments that will hopefully fix this issue.

If the Genome work unit is the first client in the list, and the team number is a Genome team, then the score recovered and shown in the score window is your Genome score and number of genes. The Folding info will be as usual if you are a member of the Folding team.

The status icons now have a "tip" that explains what core is being used. I hope this ends the confusion. If there is a problem, the tip will also display the possible issue.

If you have EM set to alert you when a new version is available, a web browser will be launched and you will be taken to the EM web site when you click the message.

When launching the EM calculator to figure out point info when using a Genome work unit in EM III, EM III would return an error. This issue has been fixed. It was related to the garbage characters in the protein name noted above.

Added a selection in the Options menu to add a shortcut to the StartUp folder. EM also removes it if you uncheck the box. This option requires that Windows scripting be installed. In most cases it should be there if you have Win 98 or higher and one of the newer versions of Internet Explorer installed.


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