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PNY GeForce4 4400 replacement fan

I have a PNY GeForce4 4400 AGP board and the fan has died. It looks like a simple, slim muffin fan that I could replace in 30 seconds if I had one. Does anyone know of a good source I might check for such a beast?

I tried PNY's tech support. Their 800 number was 45 minutes of automated responses with no way to get to an operator. Nowhere on their web site did they post a different number or an email address. I finally guessed and sent a message to and they sent me back a different number to call. After a number of hours trying to get through to someone, they basically told me I was out of luck. They'd replace the unit if I had the original receipt. It was almost seven months ago and I don't. They could not send me a fan or help me out at all. Last ever PNY product I buy.

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