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lmfao i dont think that pic is of allan.... i was told he was a guy lol

as for the topic.... i started programming in pascal

it is old and it is in plain english... you know how java and stuff use symbols and stuff alot... well you simply write if then else wutever in pascal so its a good place for noobs because it teaches you to think logically and understand how programming works.... cus its not just sitting down and typing

also.... assembly programming = 1337 pr0gr4mm1ng


if your new... try learning pascal.... then move on or back if you will.... but assembly is like people who still use the amiga os... they are freeks who resist moving onto the new things lol while i may hate c+ and java and c# and stuff like that... it is the only feasible solution for programming.... if you walk into a job for programer and you say i can program in assembly theyll say thats nice... what about c+

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