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Folding@home hardware donations

In case you don't know, we have a section in the classifieds where we donate/recieve hardware for folding rigs. A lot of us have some spare parts lying around, but not enough to make a folding rig.

If we help each other out, we should be able to do get a couple of rigs going.

We donate hardware to fellow folders of team 45.
Recievers should expect to at least pay shipping, if nothing else is agreed on.

I can't stress this enough:
This place is NOT for anyone looking to score free hardware!
If the hardware you recieve isn't going in a folding rig folding for team 45, you cannot have the items for free.

So there, if you can, please visit the Folding@home donations section in our classifieds and see if you have something in spare that someone else needs - or vice versa.

Thank you very much, fold on!

Classifieds rules:

If you already have been given permission to use the classifieds, you can find them in the forum.


In order to be eligable for use of our classifieds service you must already have an account with AOA Forums with 75 posts or more. If you do not have 75 posts, you cannot use this service - this is for your own protection only.

To gain access, simply Private Message or email Dan.

Dan will then ensure that you are eligible to use the classifieds, and if you are, he will admit you and the classifieds section will appear in the forum. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes, but it IS for your safety.
We hope you enjoy use of AOA Classifieds. Happy buying & selling!

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