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Ti 4200 slowdown

Hey guys,

I recently installed Vice City. All was well, until the game just would not run. I managed to delete the audio setup file, and that seemed to fix it. Once in the game though, there was dramatic slow down, rendering it unplayable as soon as i started playing it properly.

Is this due to my card, becuase a friend running a Radeon 8500 was geting much better frame rates. Then i asked around, and another mate, who also has a Ti4200 had similar problems.
We are not using Antialiasing or anistrophic filtering!

I was using detonater drivers 41.09 - old so i upgraded to 43.45, but it was still the same!

Is there any way i can test my card?
Is there any way i can find the temperature of my card?
Has anyone else experienced this? Most of my other games seem fine!

Any help, much appreciated!

Epox 8k3a bios 3916
Athlon XP 'Barton' 2600+
2 x WD 800JB 80GB 8MB cache
512MB DDR PC 2700 (Crucial)
GF4 Ti4200 @ 300Mhz/535Mhz

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