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The Black Dragon

(1) Name: William Burgess
(2) Name of the modded box: The Black Dragon
(3) Estimated cost to build: $3000
(4) Estimated time to mod: 4 Months
(5) Original Case Make/Model: Super Flower 201BK (w/window mod)
(6) Machine Specs: AthlonXP 2700, 1024MB PC2700, ATI 9700 pro, 2/Western Digital 200Gb, Plextor Burner, SOYO KT-400 Dragon Ultra(Platinum).
(7) Details of modifications: 4/12" UV cold cathode tubes and 17 fans.
(8) Is this the first contest the machine has been entered in: Yes
(9) Other interesting notes about this mod: Has CDROM window mod w/LED and homemade baybus.
(10) How many cases have you modded: First time!

I have put together a web page about this work of art at The Black Dragon

Here are a couple of pics:
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