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Just got my Hercules 9700 pro today....

So far I have installed the Cat 3.4's and the ATI display utility. Now what do I need to do to overclock this baby? I ran 3dmark 2k1 already and got just about a 2000 point increase from my ge4 4400 that was oc'd to 320/630. Can someone please help me with setting up the advanced setting like for gaming performance, this is my first ATI card and not familier with it. I would also like to try and mod this to a 9800 pro, so can someone add links if possible to what I need? Thanks

XP2100+/Epox 8rda+/2 OCZ 256 3500EL Duel Channel/MSI Ge4 4400/Maxtor ata133 40gb
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