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Free remote desktop, works on most platforms,no need for kvm switch,free

I recently bought a KVM switch with USB sharing, I also started using Remote desktop to access other pc's I have. I needed to be able to troubleshoot pc's that are remote from my main pc. I found the cost of Pcanywhere too much and go-to-my-pc has a monthly fee. Remote desktop works, but the concept is backwards, unless I have it wrong you can control a winxp-pro pc with any other windows flavor, Folks my winxp-pro is fine thanks, I need to fiddle with your win98 and I'm not driving all the way over there. I found a simple, quick, FREE solution Virtual Network Computing
Takes about 5 seconds to download, and about 2 minutes to set up. Let me know what you think of this program. Put the server software on the remote pc and use the viewer to access it. Probably would be great for someone that has multiple pc's but not enough monitors, keyboards and mice to go around, FOLDING PERHAPS ??
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