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One of the best tweak utilities you can use is Radeonator. That is if your not going to do the 97-9800 Softmod. If this is your intention than go here....


Download the latest Cat series of drivers. They not only contain the 97-9800 Hack which works perfectly but you can also enable the overclock tab from within the drivers properties page. You cannot run the Bios from the 9800 on a 9700. Don't try it. The softmod enables Memory hacks which show a pretty good performance gain, especially in Direct3D apps.

If you softmodded your 9700 and it started crashing games than the softmod was done incorrectly..(Not meant as a put down or flame ). The Omega hack works fine. I play UT2K3, FS2002 and Nascar 2003 all without a single crash for hours on end.

A64 X2 4600+ / XFX 7800GTX / A8N-SLI Premium / 2 Gig XMS 3200 / 2X80 Gig Hitachi Deskstars / Silverstone TJ-03 / CM Hyper 6+ ....

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