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Originally Posted by CYoung1235

I spawned this thread as an offshoot of the EP-8K5a3+ BETA BIOS that was issued by you. Would you care to comment on why this particular BETA BIOS and the German EPoX BETA BIOS all appear to flash properly, and are flashed following instructions by either the ALT-F2 or DOS Boot disk methods, and yet fail to work?
Are you talking about the BIOS they once posted in the forum? If so, i've used it for quite a while (4 or 5 months).
Then I had this problem where you had to take out the vid card in order to boot etc etc.

I also would like to see a new official bios for my 8K5A3+ with Barton support, new Raid bios, etc.

Can we have one, please?
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