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I've actually had a bit of luck with this problem now and taken a step forward...

I changed the 200gb to my primary master, and after flashing my BIOS to the latest version (dated 10/25/02), I managed to fill the 200gb drive to 153gb without suffering data corruption. However, when I put the hdd back onto my RAID controller, about 16gb of data got 'corrupted' again, (leaving me with 137gb of data that was uncorrupt). If I switch back to primary master on my mobo, the data is ok again; going back to RAID 'corrupts' it again.

Flashing the BIOS also updated the RAID controller to version 1.22 (from 1.21), and the driver version I'm using in Windows XP Pro is (previously 1.21)

Any ideas...?
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