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Originally posted by cloasters
An entirely new design that makes sense is a good idea. PC's simply don't make sense. They are MUCH too hard to understand. People shouldn't need the equivalent of an AS degree to run a Windows PC. And another AS to build them your self. And a BS to be a good troubleshooter.

This basic design problem DOES make them interesting, and also keeps a LOT of folks employed. I dunno, hardware that's legacy compliant(to a degree) just screws everything up. A five year old should be able to operate a PC with no instruction.

As I'm not an EE, I get to bow out of the, "OK. Just HOW do we design this brand new PC, genius?" question. Whew!
We are doing so at the moment, such a revolutionary change doesn't just happen, the way pc's are marketed and designed means that they will always have some form of legacy devices, and software is getting easier to use, but the easier to use it is the more complex it is and so to truly understand it you still need to spend time at it.
As for a 5 year old should be able to operate a pc without instruction, well what does a 5 year old really need to do on a pc?
use a paint package, well you can stick an icon on the desktop that they can just click to open that for them, play educational games? well just putting the cd in the pc auto runs them and then they have a simple interface that the child can use.
My 6 year old neice uses my pc fine, she knows the power button turns it on, and she knows to click her name on the user log ing screen, and then any programs she uses are single click icons on the desktop and she knows how to put her game cd's in, that sounds very straight forward to me.
You don't need to be a genius to understand pc's, you just have to believe that you don't need to be, sitting there thinking they are really complex and that you don't understand them will keep it that way, thats how my parents are and they haven't learned anything other than installing programs and running them. You need to be pro-active in learning how they work and you soon discover how simple the really are.
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