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EP-4PDA2+ Revision 2 - Press Release

New Generation Of EPoX 865PE Mainboard, 4PDA2+V2.0, A Combination of Performance and Style!
EPoX 4PDA2+V2.0 blends intelligent features and elegant outlook, to create a perfect platform for users that demand both superior performance and style.

[TAIPEI, 11th July 2003]—EPoX, a world-renowned mainboard company, today unveils a new generation of its 865PE mainboard, 4PDA2+V2.0.

In addition to all the superior specifications and features found in the original version, the advanced 4PDA2+V2.0 comes with a fresh new outlook and brings an abundance of new features, including Aggressive Memory Mode (AMM). It is also packed with generous accessory bundle, adding a S-ATA Hot-Plug bracket.

Aiming to provide extra gear of performance, various valuable features have been added to 4PDA2+V2.0 to enhance user experience. This includes the intelligent Aggressive Memory Mode (AMM), the latest EPoX BIOS technology that reduces delays within the Northbridge chip to optimize memory usage, coupled with aggressive timings to improve performance. It works not only for 800MHz FSB but is equally "aggressive" on 533MHz FSB.

As manifested in the 4PDA2+V2.0, the mainboard new color scheme not only creates a simple yet sophisticated appearance, but also helps to simplify mainboard installation. It embodies the idea of color matching that offers an effortless and intuitive way to set up the system. To benefit from the dual channel DDR, users only need to plug memory modules into DIMM slots of the same color. Its yellow IDE sockets are color-matched with the connectors on the bundled round cables preferred by enthusiasts. Furthermore, the colored front panel header helps to sort out the mess normally associated with wires from front panel.

4PDA2+ V2.0 maintains the high level of performance as the original version. It provides 2 extra S-ATA ports from Silicon Image SiI3112A that not only delivers a bandwidth up to 150MB/s but also accommodates future SATA on ATAPI (AT Attachment Packet Interface) hardware such as CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, and CD writers. In addition, 4PDA2+ V2.0 exploits the SATA specs by providing a S-ATA Hot-plug bracket to let users remove and plug in external S-ATA drives without powering off the system. From the on-board HPT372 RAID controller, 4PDA2+ V2.0 introduces the new RAID 1.5 that delivers RAID 0 performance and RAID 1 data security capabilities with just two hard drives.

The first generation of the 4PDA2+ was launched in May. Within a short period, it has won a great number of the awards both on the Internet and in the press throughout the world, as its performance, stability and immense overclocking potential has won the hearts of journalists and end-users alike. Caring through innovation is the EPoX’s tradition. With the presence of the evolutionary 4PDA2+V2.0, users enjoy more exceptional experience.

For further detail information, please refer to EPoX UK official website: or contact us via e-mail to

Key & Enhanced Features
  • Intel 865PE + ICH5R Chipsets
  • Supports Socket 478 for Intel Pentium 4/Celeron processor @400/533/800MHz FSB
  • 4 DDR DIMM slots (2 in purple) support up to 4 GB, DDR 266/33/400 with dual channel architecture
  • 1 AGP 8X slot; 5 PCI slots; 8 USB 2.0 (4 at rear panel)
  • 6CH CODEC with S/PDIF-out interface
  • 2 P-ATA yellow IDE ports (up to 4 IDE devices) with UDMA-33, ATA-66/100 support
  • 2 P-ATA purple IDE ports from HPT-372 with RAID 0,1,0+1,1.5 support
  • 4 S-ATA ports from ICH5 and Sil3112A with RAID 0,1 support
  • 3 IEEE 1394a ports; Gigabit LAN
  • 2 Ultra ATA Rounded IDE cables; 2 Serial ATA cables with power adapter;
  • IEEE 1394 Cable with 2 connectors; 1 SATA Hot-plug bracket with game port
  • On board Post Port LED display; PowerBIOS with Aggressive Memory Mode; Magic Flash, Magic Health; Magic Screen
If you need EPoX BIOS eeproms in the UK, goto
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