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Originally Posted by Staz
I have found that a dremel makes quick work of this. Just cut a slit conecting all the holes in the outer most ring of holes. It leaves a scalloped look that isn't very attractive, but it is very quick and quite functional.
But a needle file and a "one-handed" hacksaw make the job much more time consuming. However you remove the blockage from the fan mounts, make sure to clean up all of the bits of steel. The little chunks are obvious--it's the steel dust that will wreck your day if it's left in the case. Leaving a hole with dangerous edges t'ain't smart. But you may wish to live dangerously.

*Caution.* Wear safety goggles when using a Dremel. The cutting wheels can shatter. Pay attention to the arc of the cutting wheel. Saw a post from a guy that didn't--replacing the sliding glass door to the deck of his apartment cost him five hundred smackers.
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