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Problems with 802.11b network at home.

This problem is rather annoying.

In our hoursehold, we have a wireless Hawking router. I know its not the best, but it works. To access the router, I've got a 802.11b USB SMC EZ connect wireless device for the desktop computer and a SMC 802.11b pccard for my laptop.

Everything works fine from the laptop. Both the PC card and USB adapter are assigned proper ips by the dchp, and everything's smooth. However, on the desktop, I cant get the USB device to literally see the wireless network. Nor can I get an adhoc network up between the pccard and the desktop. I've tried different usb ports, but no go. Both are running windows xp. The adapter installs fine, just it seems like it cant detect any wireless network around from the desktop.

I've had this problem before, and I think I solved using a very technical approach: when the usb adapter is plugged into the laptop (its IP is assigned via hardware adress, so with the device, its always the same), and quickly plug it into the desktop. I swear that's what I did a few months back, but since I have reformatted the desktop and havent been able to get the adapter working again.

I know its not a range issue, because the laptop is right beside the deskop as I fool with it. Any ideas?

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