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Question Epox 8RDA+: 1 stick of 256 mb ram=ok, but 2 sticks of 256 mb ram=freeze/crash!

Having formatted the hard drive and installed Windows XP + SP 1 and all the latest drivers and updates, my system freezes at various times when the motherboard is equipped with 2 sticks of 256 mb DDR 2100 Apacer ram. However, with just 1 stick (in bank 0) it is rock stable!

2 sticks of 256 mb DDR 2700 Samsung ram produced exactly the same result, i.e. freezing, while just 1 stick was - once again - rock stable.

I have tried to move the 2 sticks to bank 1 (non-dual mode), but this did not solve the problem.

I am completely stuck by now - please help!
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