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Are both 2700 sticks ok ??

Have you tried them out individually ?

before sticking in the 2 sticks make sure that in the bios your ram timings are set correctly for the samsung (7-3-3-2.5) and if your running your CPU at 166 fsb then make sure the ram is running 100% .

Im not sure but the 8rxx series cannot run any type of ram in dual (i think its 2700 and up ).

You may also go to the vdimm voltage and take that to 2.77 incase your
mobo isnt getting the correct amount of power thus undervolting your whole system.

Some more specs of your rig would be more helpfull in your next post (cpu/psu/cooling /vidcard etc.)

But honestly i suggest you get some faster ram ( ddr400 or better) cause you have a fast mobo and your gonna strangle it with that ram ,especially if your planning to overclock.
AMD 2600+Tb @2400 MHz (12.x200 )
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