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Originally Posted by oestergreen
Hi golfer49 and GREEKRAGE, thanks for your replies and suggestions. However, I have already tried the settings you suggest with no success, and honestly I doubt if the mobo will ever accept my Apacer or Samsung sticks in bank 1. The Samsung sticks are not as unstable as the Apacer sticks, but changing from Samsung to Apacer is just a question of going from bad to worse.

I guess I might be forced to get some new ram sticks (Gee, I really regret having bought this mobo - my old ECS K7S5A was rock stable with any of my ram sticks installed).

GREEKRAGE, can you suggest a brand that will surely be STABLE on my Epox 8RDA+? I do not plan to overclock (yet!). Will DDR 2700 not be good enough instead of the more expensive DDR 3200? AFAIK several tests have shown that DDR 3200 is not much faster than DDR 2700, or am I wrong here? Besides I have read several posts complaining about their expensive DDR 3200 RAM being unable to run on their nForce2 mobos.

My system specs:

Epox 8RDA+ (revision 1.1, FSB 400)
AMD XP 2600+
2x256 MB DDR 2100 Apacer RAM or 2x256 MB DDR 2700 Samsung RAM
120 GB Seagate Barracuda V harddisk + 40 GB IBM 60 GXP harddisk
Palit Daytona GeForce 4 Ti 4200 graphics card
Windows XP Pro + SP 1 and all updates
Like i said.. "if your planning to OC " get better ram.
Its all up to you and your pocket..

But if you read a few posts/threads im sure you will get a good idea of your choices in ram( i dont want to deprive you of choice so im not suggesting specifics).

Btw dont regret buying this board,,,,IT ROCKS!! once you get it the "right stuff"..
AMD 2600+Tb @2400 MHz (12.x200 )
Cooler: Thermalright SLK-800U (37c idle-43 load)
Epox 8RGA+ A2
2x256 PC400 DDR Kingston(11-2-2-2)(valueram)
Club3D Radeon 9700pro cooled by a GIANT2 by Thermaltake
HDD Maxtor 133 8mb cache
Case: highly modded YY cube
PSU: Levicom 420
Latest 3dmarks = 2K3 5313 and 2k1 16137
OS:Win2k(sp3)-WinXP pro
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