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I should have been a bit clearer, when I said AMD experience, I meant with my AMD ethernet card. Windows XP has problems with the AMD network card, when it would detect, and install it without issues, but it couldnt see the network. However, I'm also running an AMD XP Proc.

And yeah the system has no problem with the wired network's DCHP. Actually come to think of it, my desktop isnt part of the home's workgroup--nevermind. Err, come to think of it i cant remember if the desktop rejoined the wired network domain or not after I reformatted. I might have been too lazy--it might be the problem, but i'm totally sure the laptop isnt part of the its never been wired to the network. But who knows, the two are conflicting somehow on the desktop. I'm down on campus right now, so i'll have to check when I get home.

Here's hoping..
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