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Originally Posted by cloasters
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81C would make me quite uneasy. However, if you don't have spontaneous reboots under load, processor temperature is OK. All the same, let's hope that a BIOS update that fixes this is available soon.
I couldn't agree more. I have the 4PCA3+, and it's one revision doesn;t really address much. Do you know how to test the Microfreezer head toensure it's working?

Simply unplug everything. Leaving only the Prometia, and the PSU. Short pin's 13/14 or 14/15 and insure the "yellow/black" DC line which powers LED, and Fans on Radiator is attached to PSU, Then plug in Prommie, and wait and watch as the Microfreezer temp drops. Don't lte it get much below -40C, just long enough to place your finger there to ensure it's working. As long as it is, the 81C your seeing in BIOS is most liekly an error. Still i do know what your saying, it be quite nerve-racking to sit and guess where the on-die temp really is. So long as you've made good contact between Microfreezer-head, and CPU IHS, or Core (AMD) then yourn most likely safe. The test i just described is printed in the Prometeia manual.
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