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Well my card arrived yesterday and as expected it blows my GF 4 Ti4400 128MB right out of the water.
In my Abit rig @2.1Ghz with the supplied Catalyst drivers I'm getting 3.5K in 3Dmark 03 and 14k in 3DMark 01.
With the patched drivers it shows up like yours Bradmax57 but I'm getting slight chequerboarding in some benchmarks, not all. The scores however leap to 5.3K in 03 and just over 16K in 01.
I'm going to do a fresh clean install of the OS and patched drivers and see if there is any artifacting in my games.
DVD playback is fantastic BTW, now to sell the GF4....

DFI SLi-D, Opteron 144 @ 2.8Ghz, 4x512MB PDP XBLK, 160GB WD Caviar SE, Benq 1620DW DVD-RW, X1800XT 256MB,Custom WC.

AOA Team fah
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