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Originally Posted by Samuknow
I am trying to set up a machine in our church that is already running dual vid cards. Agp to projector and Pci to Monitor. It runs a program similar to Powerpoint. I have been asked to set it up so the same thing that is on the projecto can be displayed on a couple of TVs with composite inputs. I fugure a nice Radeon 9200 or GF FX 5200 with TV out should do the trick. Does either one of these cards support cloning between the VGA nad tv out? I have a great 440 MX card but cannot get it to clone the VGA to the TV out.

Any help would be great. Has anyone been able to get this to work on any of these cards? Do I need a special utility/Program?

Thanks Sam
Try getting the newest drivers for the MX440, it SHOULD be able to do TV out and that will just display exact same as goes out of the VGA on the same card. If that doesnt work (I have had issues on an MX400 the old Gforce2MX) try a program called Tvtool ( It loads on startup and enables the TV out display.
Older drivers werent so hot with the TV out hence this program aims to resolve the issue. The other problem is that many card manufacturers use different TV out chips so it may be worth trying the site for your particular brand of card (as opposed to the nvidia detonator drivers) as these are likely to have driver support for TV out.

Hope some of the above helps
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