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Originally Posted by Samuknow
It is an MSI card. I have tried their drivers and still no go. I DL'd the TvTool and will try that. Is one better than the other in cloning TV out and VGA? nVidia/ATI????

I do not have much time into ATI based cards.
Well... depending how much your looking to spend you cant really go toooo far wrong with one of the ATI all-in-wonder cards. Most of the different models right back as far as the 32MB radeons that were around before they went fully head to head with nvidia in hte performance market might suit and can probably be got off ebay for less than $50 if you look hard enough. The low end "current" models all-in-wonder might be more like $100.
Personally id look at different software tools - that TVtool was what I used to get around the poor TV out drivers and is only $15 for the full version and you can at least try before you buy
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