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Thanks Daniel - nice place you have here

Results in...

Trying Golfer49's suggestions first with the "Expert , 11-3-3 cas2.5 " from the existing "Optimal, 7-3-3 Cas2.5" (and as per Epox's faq on pc3200 stability), Vdimm left at 2.768, and Vdd bumped up to from 1.6 to 1.8, I still get 120+ errors in "Test 6" of Memtest86

I tried upping Vdimm to 2.9 with above settings but still errors (525 of them!) in Test 6.

Trying a variation on Tony's idea, I tried unplugging all the other drives so that only the board, Ti4600 and FDD are pulling power with the above settings but still get errors (99) in Test 6 . I could swap the 4600 with a gf2 but get the feeling still gonna get the same results.

I read the notes on memtest86 (double dutch to me ) but does "Test 6 [Modulo 20, ones and zeros,cached]" point the finger towards the dimm? I only get errors in Test 6. Again no error codes on the mobo. Unfortunately haven't got access to anyone else's memory to try swapping.

Any other ideas? If none, does anyone have any recommendations for single stick 512meg DDR400 pc3200 for this board which available in the UK?

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