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I have somewhat similar experiences with a pair of Twinmos PC3200 512 mb sticks on my 8rda+ v. 2.1.
It took a while to sort it out and in the end I discovered that the memory didn't like high voltage at all.
I had to lower vdimm to 2.6 to get memtest86 stable running att 200 MHz fsb, this was with the timings set to 11-3-2-2.5.
I'm currently running this configuration at 209 MHz fsb which seems to be the maximum safe speed.
A64 3200+ @2400 MHz (10x240), Thermalright XP-90, MSI Neo2 Platinum, 2 x TwinMos 3200 512 MB (10-3-2-2,5), Club3D Radeon 9800 NP
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