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Jarrv might be onto something here folks!

I tried Karaya's suggestion of the 11-3-2-2.5 timings with Vdimm at 2.6v. No difference - still 100+ errors in Test6 in 1 pass.


Left these settings and dropped Vcore down from existing 1.712 (as auto selected by the bios, not me) to 1.65v as suggested by Jarrv and no errors in Test6!!! but got 5 errors in Test5.

Left Memtest running all the tests over 3 hours (11 passes) with all the drives connected only got 10 errors (including the 5 in the first pass) and all in Test5.

Not perfect but looks a lot better More tweakage needed by the looks of it.

Why did the bios's "8/27/03" and the "10/17/03 " auto select such a high voltage for the Barton?

I'll try and run some more configs tonight and tomorrow - I'll post my findings.

Thanks again folks
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