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Originally Posted by Goat Fajitas
My first guess, after reading what you have tried so far is that your CPU has hit its limit.

How far have you upped the voltage on it ?
Goat I swapped the 2.6 SL6WS out for a SL6Z3 2.4 today and am rocking on quite nicely in prime at 285 fsb 5:4 divider and 2 2 2 5 timings....

When it comes to voltage settings on this board I have no idea what readings to belive. I get different readings in MBM the bios and when I take a volt meter and measure it on the board....Reading some forums they say the vcore undervolts badly but when I check the mosfets beside the CPU that change with the vcore setting, they read +.05 of what I set the vcore to in the bios.....I am unsure weather this is the correct place to measure them, but I can tell you the figures change to the T with every vcore change in the bios........right now as I type this running prime priming I am "supposedly" at 1.54 in the bios and that shows up on the mosfets at 1.59 - 1.60....How high can you go on water??? Anything above 1.70 or so would scare the pants off me since I seen the "sudden northwood death syndrome" back in the days of the 1.6A clockmonsters......
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