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Originally Posted by doctoromeo
help .
had hercules 9800se aiw card and tried bios flashing but it seems to have gone wrong.
on reboot it has nowt on the screen.
can i retreive this?.
eg perhaps get cheap pci card and reflash or something along those lines.
Thanks in advance guys
btw it had samsung ram chips .and chip file was supposed to be for that chip
Hmmmm... could try writing a batch file on a boot floppy...
get it to run the bios flasher with the file (have to check the command line parameters for your flasher). Put a pause command in there so if you leave the disk in by mistake once (if?) you get it back on its feet it cant run the flasher by mistake.
If you need it ill look for the exact commands to put in the batch file.
Basically though get hold of an old 9x boot disk from then edit the autoexec.bat file with the extra lines you need.
Should need something like

nameofflasher.exe (or com) - nameofbiosfile.bin

adding to the bottom of the autoexec. Just run the flasher on a working machine from the cmd window with the /? command switch after it and it should give the line you'll need.
A lot of "shoulds" in there I know but hope that helps. If you think I can help anymore with it gimme a yell.
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