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Originally posted by Kaitain
Why stop at LCD?

Why not go the whole hog and have a wall-sized gas-plasma setup? Prices of those are falling pretty quickly as well (just looking at the one on the other side of the office - 60", schweet!)
Now that's what I'm talkin bout....I would love to have the 60" plasma screen as my computer screen....we have one at work for our presentations and it's has connections for everything except for a pizza maker, lol Maybe that'll come one day, too, lol, j/k....I think that the board connections comin in the near future will fix all of these bottle-necking issues--ex. SerialATA and PCI-X I believe they r called....also, there is a new graphics connection comin out in 2002 if I remember the date's supposed to have a speed about 20x faster than AGP and a bandwidth possibility of more than a 1000x greater than AGP....that'll be nice to see, I just hope that graphics board creators pick up on it quickly enough, cuz I don't feel like having a slot on my board that I don't use, lol....just like ISA....they r finally takin those off boards....took them long enough....PCI is next....they need to get rid of that and replace it with PCI-X since, if I'm not mistaken, it's compatible with regular PCI anyways, correct?? Oh well, just runnin off at the mouth....ttyl
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