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Originally Posted by Clevor
But how come my 2.40C can run 287, 5:4, 2-3-2-5 on the P4P800 and P4P800 and only do 279, 5:4 on the Epox boards? And I've tried two 4PDA2+s and four 4PCA3+s. I did get up to 282, 5:4 on one 4PDA2+ board.

Also, the 280 fsb limit is a well-known issue with every motherboard out there except the Asus boards (I know as I've tested over a dozen boards by Abit, DFI, MSI, Gigabyte, AOpen, Asus). Hipro over at Extreme can do 371 fsb but he still sees the 5:4 cap at around 270-280 fsb on his Abit board. It does seem the people on phase change are immune to it.
You just got lucky with your Asus boards...

There IS a limit issue that occurs between 270 and 290 on MANY i865/875 boards, but it effects them all.

Some Asus cant hit it, some can
Some Abit cant hit it some can
Some Epox cant hit it, some can.
Most of those other brands wont ever hit it.

On the other hand, can a default 200mhz bus not running stable at 280 be called as "issue" ? I'd say it is quite a bit over spec already.

My advice to you... Although I do understand your frustration, stop trying all these motherboards looking for the "holy grail" and use what you have. 279*12= more then plenty fast enough to run any game or app out there.
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