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Talking alright....

I read in a video news mag about the 15 year anniversary of Pixar studios. They are the people that created Toy StoryI/II, Bug's Life and Monsters.Inc. and owned by Steve Jobs. The team leaders talked about doing something different, they included a video graphics designer during the designing and creating of the software that will be used in part to make the movie. This one guy interviewed, was saying how important it was to get from storyboards to images and scenes quickly to discuss any changes. I got the most amazing rush and a big smile crossed my face when the article mentioned he worked with a huge rendering farm of 3,500 processors... wow!

The future is- how can you move massive amounts of video data and display it on large, well lit, wall-mounted video screens. People want to see big and bold and beautiful. It's a must for all public access and commercial properties. So whoever can come up with the right scheme to have large bandwidth AND the processor power to deliver video data to it's maximum capacity, and then display it on say a 5' x 10' CRT or plasma thinscreens with the picture so could almost touch it!

I'm in heaven.....
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