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I'm a performance over graphics guy, I like my games to never ever stutter under any circumstance, so if that means low resses then so be it.
My geforce2mx plays all the games I install and it doesnt stutter once I set the graphics down (my only complaint is the mouse lag I sometimes get).

Also thinking that at the moment its all very well being able to create millions of polygons, but who draws them??? someone has to take the time to draw and animate a face made of hundreds of polygons and animations (I know little about 3d animation so feel free to correct me). As far as I can see game development time will get longer and longer so that some of the graphics power can be used.

I think another big hold back is controls, games can only become so immersive with keyboard and mouse, its really annoying when in a game that has lots of controls you are having to search over your keyboard for the flame thrower. We need a way of making controls work with our brain. I know that is a long way off but it needs to happen otherwise games will get prettier but no more emmersive.

Some car design company that works for arrows (the F1 racing team) has a 170degree projector screen hooked up to a super computer, they downlaod satellite data of landscapes and use flight simulators on them, they also render cars in wind tunnels and in grassy parks.

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