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Baad 3DMark 2000 and 2001 scores. Baaad!

By the holy rood, I swear my 3DMark2000 score used to be 4004. And my 3DMark2001 score was 1600 and change. This was with an Elsa GF256 Vidcard and P3E 600 OC'd to 800, on a 440BX mainboard with 256 Mb of CAS2 PC-133.

Today, with the same GF256, a Duron 850(at stock) on a SiS 735 mobo with 512 Mb of PC-2100 @CAS2, I get:
2846 DMarks in 3DMark2000, and a spectacular 782 DMarks in 3DMark2001. Whut the heyell happened?

You should be so lucky to get such high scores! Who needs a $300 Vidcard when I get 3.9 fps in some of the heavy duty 3DMark2001 BM's? Now that's playability!

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