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Definitely the 3Dmark2000 scores have gone down for me too, the same for 3Dmark2001. Even though the benchmark setting was always a constant 1024x768- 16 bit colour there seemed to be a very noticeable drop in scores. I went from 4700 regular (Herc. GF2MX) thats with a 440BX p3700E@933, and then for some reason my scores for 3Dmark2000 consistantly sat at 2700 up to 2850. 3Dmark 2001 was always around 2800 and then at the same time they dropped to 1900. At first I thought this problem started coincidently with my directX upgrade from 7.1a to 8.0. Ah Hah!. But no, I used the uninstall tool and returned to 7.1a, but I could not return to those high 3Dmark scores. Even a clean install didn't help either.

So recently I popped in a GF2 GTS 32M ddr and bingo! The 3Dmark scores with the same settings and same rig were close to the 4700 I had initially. The 4400 and 4450 3Dmark scores I see now have to be attributed to the new video card, I am using the same video driver and same directx version.

WTF?? Something about the MX card I believe. I'm wondering about the MX bios ver. was it compatible with the driver or directx? It may have been the fact that no less then 5 devices sat on irq 11. I uninstalled the nic and SB Live card and there was still no joy...
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