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8RDA+ & USB2 problems

Hi....Came across this forum from the Epox site & you all seem like a knowledgable bunch so hopefully you can help.

I am unable to get my PC to pick up a UBS2 device. I borrowed a USB2 HD from work bought it home & plugged it in, but Windows picked it up as a USB1 device. I am 99.99% sure that I installed the Nforce drivers after SP1 as I am aware that can cause problems with USB 2 devices. I did a search on this forum some simliar problems & after looking in device manager I found a USB device not working properly under Other devices so I updated that driver & it updated it to "Standard Enchanced PCI to USB Host controller" & now lists it under USB controllers. There are six entries under USB controller, the Standard Enhanced..., 2 x Standard OpenHCD USB..... & 3 x USB root hub.

Now however when I plug in the USB2 HD it hangs Device manager & the drive isn't picked up in explorer. The date on all the controllers are 01/07/2001 except for the enhanced one that is dated 01/06/2002.

Has anyone got any ideas, would be very much appreciated


Epox 8rda+ & WinXP SP1 (with all current updates)
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