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Drive removal problems

Im trying to get my p3-600 up and running for my dad to use (and for some folding )

In order to do this im giving him my 16gb IBM drive.
This used to be my main drive untill i bought a 45gb drive.

So this drive has allways been the primary master, although win2k is installed on the first partition of the slave drive.

This configuration has worked fine untill i unplugged the older drive.

Ive tried setting the newer drive to primary master in the bios and on the jumpers. Ive also tried running it as the slave (with no master drive)

I cant boot windows and it gives this error.

"cannot find NTLDR please press a key to reboot"

I assume that this file is needed to boot, so i did a search for it.
I found a couple of copys on my 45gb drive and two on the (now removed) 16gb.
They where both in the copy of the windows disk i keep on my drive.

How should i remove the drive so my dad can use it ?

I dont want to have to buy a new drive as ive got plenty of free drive space.

Thanks for any help.
No longer Epox Tech.

Best of luck in the future all my friends.
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