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Need help with Mark 3D Bench & tweeks.

Hey guys this is the first time I am posting to this board. I am usually stuck over on the Epox site working with my new 8KHA+.
Anyway, here is my deal and I am hoping someone can help.
I am running a Radeon LE 32DDR. I have PowerStrip installed and I am not really sure exactly how to set it. I am running WIn98SE.
I only play one game for now and that is HAlf-Life. I wouldn't mind optimising the board for this game but I plan to play other games in the futrue such as Max Payne and such. So what I am really looking for is a good general overall setting that will work well with all and not degrade my benches.
Now here are the particulars. When I first installed PS, I noticed it reported the default performance settings as 148.75 engine and memory speed, normal memory timings.
Is this the actual board or has PS already oc'ed these settings?
I put the settings at 160mhz for mem and eng. and timings to fast. I re-ran my Mark 3D 2001 benches and the scores went up way over 100 points. Question is this, how far can I safely push this mem and engine speed up without hurting the card or causing instability? Also, are there any other tweaks I should do as I really don't understand half of the options such as anti-aliasing and all that jazz. See my sig beleow for my full set up but my best benches to date are 2755. Thanks Mike
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