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Originally posted by cloasters
Does this mean that decaying 3DMark scores are the norm? Arrgh. All that really matters is that your fave games are playable. Nonetheless, it's hard to ignore the magic of bigger numbers!

Thanks for the reminder, Pinky! After my most recent dying 75GXP episode, I plumb forgot to install the ECS/SiS drivers for this mobo! Maybe they'll help.
No, it should not be. If you are running XP, the drivers in the CD are the best. For Win98/ME/2k, you need to install the drivers. For 2k, get the windows update for IDE. Also, go to the ECS website for the latest drivers. The ones bundled with the board have been updated I believe.

Definitely sounds like you are running win98, the AGP drivers should give you a significant boost. You should see a decent improvement over your P3 system from the mem bandwidth improvement.
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